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Traffic & Construction Updates for the I-295 / DC 295 Corridor | Washington, DC


The New Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge Project

The South Capitol Street Corridor Project calls for replacing the Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge and transforming related sections of the urban freeway into a beautiful scenic boulevard that increases pedestrian and vehicular safety, improves multimodal transportation options, increases community accessibility and supports economic development on both sides of the Anacostia River.

Rehabilitation of the I-295 Malcolm X Interchange

The multiple phases of this project include the reconstruction of the I-295 interchange with Malcolm X Avenue SE, including modified ramps and a new access roadway to the St. Elizabeth’s West Campus. The planned improvements will be made between Firth Sterling Avenue SE, on the north, and the South Capitol Street/Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue SE intersection to the south. The project will provide transportation improvements to serve the proposed Department of Homeland Security headquarters consolidation on the St. Elizabeth’s West Campus.

Rehabilitation of the Anacostia Bridges at Nicholson St, SE (Completed)

The District Department of Transportation project to rehabilitate the Anacostia Freeway bridges over Nicholson St, SE is part of DDOT’s ongoing commitment to safety. The rehabilitation project will focus on reconstruction of the bridge deck and adjoining ramps to address deteriorating structural elements, ensuring that each bridge remains a reliable part of our infrastructure.

Rehabilitation of Anacostia Freeway Bridges Over South Capitol Street (Completed)

The Anacostia Freeway Bridges (Interstate 295), originally constructed in 1963, consists of two spans crossing over South Capitol Street SE. Each bridge carries two lanes of traffic: two lanes of one-way northbound and two lanes of one-way southbound traffic. The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is undertaking this bridge project as part of its ongoing commitment to safety. The Anacostia Freeway Bridges over South Capitol Street SE will be rehabilitated to address deterioration and prolong bridge life.

Rehabilitation of the Whitney Young Memorial Bridge

The Rehabilitation of the Whitney Young Memorial Bridge (also known as the East Capitol Street Bridge) over the Anacostia River includes improvements to the substructure and superstructure of the bridge as well as pedestrian improvements, including the construction of a trail connection to provide direct access from the bridge to the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail. The bridge was originally constructed in 1955, and repairs are needed to the bridge deck, concrete abutments and steel girder system.

DC-295/I-295 Safety and Geometric Improvements

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) and Mayor Muriel Bowser remain committed to eliminating all poor-quality roads in the District by 2024. As part of this aggressive campaign and along with the ongoing mega projects including the South Capitol Street Bridge Replacement and the Malcolm X Interchange Project, the I–295 Safety and Geometric Improvements Project includes various operational and safety improvements identified by DDOT to address existing deficiencies.

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